Complete Nutrition

LiFE is filled with minerals, vitamins and fibre working in synergy to feed your body.

Healthy & Tasty

LiFE has been designed to provide your body with all the nutrients it needs, without compromising on taste.

Satiety for 3-5 hours

By combining ingredients that fill up your energy metre, LiFE helps you feel fuller for longer.

Positive impact

The ingredients of our LiFE have been selected for their beneficial properties, which support the essential functions of the body by acting positively on the central nervous system, the immune system and the hormonal system. Therefore, we use ingredients that have a positive impact on overall levels of energy, mood, digestion, cognitive performance and vitality.

Here are some of the generally accepted benefits of our ingredients:Helping with weight control (coconut milk, chia seeds, raspberries, flax seeds)Reducing inflammation (coconut milk, chia seeds, ginseng)Boosting sports performance (maca root)Improving energy levels (maca root, ginseng)Boosting the immune system (coconut milk, raspberries, ginseng, lucuma)Helping control blood sugar levels (chia seeds, flax seeds, ginseng, lucuma, date sugar)Benefiting brain function (maca root, ginseng, date sugar)Helping strengthen bones (chia seeds, date sugar)Controlling cholesterol levels (flax seeds)

Balanced LiFE

All of our products are perfectly balanced in terms of fats, protein and carbohydrates. They also bring you a range of benefits, working as an excellent post-workout drink that encourages recovery, growth and repair; making you feel fuller for longer in-between meals; lifting physical energy levels when you have a slump during a busy day; and enhancing mental performance, concentration and vitality.

Our products

We are proud to introduce the first three products in our lineup:

My Name is Red, Just Red


Very Mellow Yellow


Cheeky Choccy Wowza


How to prepare LiFE?

LiFE comes in 40g sachets packed with nutrients. Mix the contents of one sachet of LiFE with 200-250ml of your preferred liquid – water, milk or plant-based milk (oat milk, rice milk, etc.) – shake or blend for 20-30 seconds and drink!
LiFE is a meal supplement and as such fits perfectly within a healthy diet. It can be consumed at any time of the day and can also be used as a meal replacement (although we would recommend doubling the quantity taken) or as part of your pre- or post-workout routine.

When to use LiFE

LiFE has been created to supplement a healthy diet and lifestyle and to give you a boost in nutrients and in particular in naturally-occurring minerals, vitamins and fibre. As such, LiFE can be consumed at any time of the day or night and wherever you may be!

When you’re working

LiFE can help you beat that mid-afternoon slump
by giving you a boost of energy and helping you
concentrate more effectively.

When you’re travelling

Conveniently packaged in individual
40g sachets, you can take LiFE with
you everywhere you go!

When you don’t have time

LiFE is easy to prepare in less than one minute.
Just shake the contents of one 40g sachet with
200ml of your preferred liquid and you’re set!

When you’re being active

Whether at the gym or outdoors, LiFE’s ingredients
have been studied to give you a boost in energy
and an input of nutrients to help you replenish
your reserves pre- or post-workout.

When you want a boost

We know that life can be draining and that modern food often lacks the right nutrients to keep you going. LiFE helps you top up your intake of minerals, vitamins and fibre to give you a boost of energy.

When you are aware

LiFE is natural, organic, vegan-friendly, sugar-free,
dairy-free and with no artificial additives.
Perfect for those who know their food and
don’t want to compromise on quality!