General questions

LiFE is a powdered meal supplement filled with naturally-occurring nutrients that were selected to work in synergy to deliver as many vitamins, minerals and fibre as possible to your system to support your body throughout the day. All our ingredients are 100% natural, certified organic, lactose- and dairy-free, sugar-free, gluten-free and without artificial additives or conserving agents.
Developed by health and nutrition specialist and chef Marek Witkowski, LiFE is designed to potentially stimulate the nervous system, encourage growth and repair, help gross and fine motor skills, support physical performance, drive cognitive performance and impact positively on your mood and metabolism, making you feel fuller for longer. All of this without compromising on taste!
All our ingredients are gluten-free, but, as we do not control the conditions in which they are ground into powder, we cannot guarantee that there will be zero contamination from other products. However, this contamination, if any, is likely to be minimal.
Our products do not contains allergens. The only possible allergen could come from cross-contamination during the grinding process of our oat powder.
Absolutely! We have specifically designed the possibility for you to order a sample of each flavour of LiFE to allow you to try it and find your favourite flavour!
Yes, all our products are 100% vegan! We do not use any animal products or derivatives in LiFE.
LiFE is great on its own, as a supplement to a healthy diet or as a meal replacement or complement. You can shake it with your favourite liquid (water, milk, vegetable milk or fruit juice). You can also use it in your baking recipes, to make pancakes or even sprinkled over cereals, yogurt or ice cream to give them a boost of healthy flavour!


We have decided against adding a cocktail of extra vitamins to our ingredients, instead relying on what nature provides us with. Our powdered food supplements have been specifically developed to work together to ensure the maximum absorption by your system, with minimal waste.
We have long debated whether we should include unrefined sugar cane or a sugar substitute and have finally settled instead on two natural sweeteners – date flour (also called date sugar) and the lucuma fruit. These also give us the added benefit of being packed with nutrients!
Yes. Our recipes have been developed to be low on FODMAPs and are free of lactose, polyols, Galacto-oligosaccharides and fructans. We have also chosen our ingredients to be highly digestible and work together to deliver the maximum amount of nutrients possible to your system.

Dietary questions

LiFE is not a dietary supplement and was not developed as an agent to help you gain or lose weight. In fact, we recommend that LiFE becomes part of a healthy nutrition, supplementing your meals rather than replacing them. Weight gain/loss is a complex topic that cannot be solved by any single element or ingredient, but rather by adopting a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and exercise.
Yes, LiFE is safe to consume during pregnancy and/or the breastfeeding stage as part of a balanced diet to supplement your nutritional intake. LiFE was not designed to work as a meal replacement and should be incorporated in your diet rather than replace a meal.
Absolutely! LiFE has no age barriers. Children and adults of all ages can safely drink LiFE and draw benefit from it as part of a healthy, balanced diet. LiFE is not a meal replacement or a meal in itself but a supplement to your daily nutritional needs to support your metabolism in performing its daily tasks – whether physical or mental.
No. Although LiFE is, for us, our super-agent, it is not a magic potion that will grant you special powers. You can read up on the benefits of LiFE to understand how it can work for you according to your needs.

Ordering and deliveries

Shipping costs are set by our shipping partners country by country. You can determine what the shipping costs for your order are during the checkout process by entering your mailing address.Shipping is free for orders above €50.Please note that the cost of shipping is a reflection of our own costs and we do not profit from these whatsoever.
If you are located in Denmark and you place your order before 5pm, you should receive your order the next day.

If you are located in the rest of Europe, delivery of your order should take between 3-5 days.
Unfortunately, because of the process we have set in place to ensure as timely a delivery as possible, once the order has been processed, it is no longer possible to cancel it.

Of course, you always have the option to return the order as long as it is within 30 days and the boxes and/or sachets are unopened. We will then issue a refund based on the value of the order and how much you are sending back.


You are given the option to subscribe on the product page. Just select the option and you will be able to set up your subscription according to your preferences.
There are several benefits to subscribing to LiFE:

-  Peace of mind: you do not need to remember to place an order of LiFE when your supply is running low.

-  Convenience: we will automatically pack and ship your order according to your preferences and the frequency you have chosen.

-  Price: you save 15% off the full price when you subscribe to LiFE
Just log in to your account and go to manage my subscription where you will find the options to modify or cancel your current subscription.